.:: Rules and Regulations ::.

1. It is your own responsibility to take care of your 'Own Account' and no one elses, not even the GM Team. Try not to be scammed or hacked.
2. Real 'Game Masters' will never ask for your account information. Do not give your game account password to anyone, player, friend or GM. Be careful on password requests in game, email, yahoo messenger etc. Never ever accept any links that are not proven in Goshen's Site.
3. Disrespecting a GM in game or in email will get you banned. We can easily hunt your main account through IP and trade logs and ban it as well.
4. Gaming Cafe's or Internet Shops that accumulates 3 ban cases on its players/customers will get a TOTAL IP BAN which means that IP can no longer connect to GoshenRO. Try to control your players to avoid this.
5. The GM Team has the right to confiscate any item or ban/jail an account if we see any illegal behavior/illegal doings before or after the investigation.
6. If you lost your items/accounts which is not the server fault, it indicates that you lost everything related to GoshenRO.