At Ono, we provide a stable, friendly, and engaging game environment with features catering to many different facets of playing styles. Whether you're someone who enjoys collecting headgears or a competitive enthusiast, there's something awaiting you in-game!

Server's Episode

Experience rates:
Base: 150x
Job: 150x

Normal Drop Rates:
Common: 100x
Healing: 100x
Usable: 100x
Equipment: 100x
Card: 100x

Boss Drop Rates:
Common: 70x
Healing: 70x
Usable: 70x
Equipment: 70x

Server's Features
~ Multi level up: Disabled.
~ No donation.
~ Cash points are obtainable thru quest, exchanging cards, and killing a monster.
~ Headgear Quest
~ UPG Equipment Quest
~ Guess the number
~ Cash Shop
~ Special Tool Dealer